Montessori preschool

Rushmore House Montessori Preschool is in Pratts Bottom village:

Rushmore Hill,
Pratts Bottom,

Message from a parent

photo of a thank you card with a big thank you written on it

Dear Cima,
It is with much appreciation, that we’d like to thank you for your care and understanding, especially in these past 15 months.
Despite missing a great deal of school due to the pandemic, with the guidance from you and your staff, I have seen … grow these past months, and we are sorry that her time at Rushmore House has come to an end.
Thank you again for providing such a wholesome experience.
Best regards
… & … (…’s parents)

From parents of a child leaving in July 2021

photo of inside of thank you card with a message

MEAB – Montessori Education and Accreditation Board

logo for meab montessori assessment and examination board

The setting provides an education in accordance with the principles of the Montessori approach and environment and merits accreditation by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board.

MEAB inspection report April 2019

We are one of only two MEAB accredited Montessori nursery or preschool in Orpington and we are very proud of this achievement. The accreditation is awarded after a two stage onsite inspection process. Of the 700 Montessori nurseries and preschools in the UK, only 124 are accredited and only 2 are in Orpington.

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photo of Montessori literacy equipment large movable alphabet and sand paper letters c and i
Montessori phonics

At Rushmore House Montessori preschool we use an extended curriculum covering both Montessori and EYFS. The curriculum consists of seven learning areas. These areas are:

  • Activities of Everyday Living
  • Sensorial
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Cultural
  • Creativity
  • Physical
photo of Montessori spindle box maths equipment
Montessori mathematics
photo of Montessori knobless cylinders made into the shape of a snail
Montessori Sensorial

The Activities of Everyday Living are the main link between home and the preschool. Sensorial, also known as Education of the Senses, is about understanding colour, size, flavour, smell, pitch, texture and weight. Literacy is listening and attention to stories, recognising text, alphabet and blending , mark making, drawing, good pencil control. We teach reading with Montessori phonics which is also known as Synthetic Phonics. Mathematics is learning maths the Montessori way. The Cultural learning area is about understanding the world around us. Creativity is making, and expressing ourselves.

photo of a child making the name sophia with the Montessori Large Moveable Alphabet
Montessori literacy

The Physical learning area is about developing whole body balance and coordination. Our outdoor play areas and Forest School are ideal environments for physical development.

Near to . . .

We are near to Orpington town centre, Green Street Green, Farnborough village and Polhill garden centre..

Near toMilesTravel time
Orpington Tesco3.48 to 18 minutes
Green Street Green Waitrose1.94 to 7 minutes
Farnborough Sainsburys4.19 to 16 minutes
Polhill Garden Centre3.06 to 9 minutes
(Travel times and distances are from Google maps for Thursday 12th January 2022 to arrive at Rushmore House by 9.00am)


The Montessori Preschool has ample parking in the local streets for stress free drop off and pick ups.

photo of a preschool near me rushmore house montessori preschool car parking in the local streets


a photo of a preschool near me Rushmore House Montessori preschool in Pratts Bottom Orpington showing the front garden

The Montessori preschool near me, and you, is in a former church which was converted into a preschool. Low level shelves are used to present activities so your child can select activities of their choice, by themselves. There are low level child toilets and washbasins to promote self reliance and self confidence.

photo of rocking horses in the front garden of a preschool near me, of Rushmore House Montessori Preschool

The Montessori preschool has a large outdoor play area with a mud kitchen, a growing area and an astro turf play area.


Children can start on their second birthday and we have:

places for an immediate start

All children are assigned a Key Person who will help them to settle in, make friends and get the most from our extended Montessori curriculum, which encompasses the EYFS. After four weeks your child’s Key Person arranges a meeting at the preschool to discuss your child’s progress with settling in.

photo of a parents hand holding his daughters hand


With most types of funding you have to apply yourself. However we can help you to find information to access all funding types including Tax-Free Childcare, 15 hours free childcare and:

30 hours free childcare

Opening hours

The Montessori preschool near me and you, Rushmore House Montessori preschool, is open five days a week, Bromley schools term time. The term time preschool session times are:

Early start8.00am to 9.00am (optional)
Morning9.00am to 12.25pm
Afternoon12.30pm to 3.30pm
Extended afternoon3.30pm to 4.00pm (optional)

The early start and extended afternoon are optional and require an additional fee.

Holiday Club

We run our own Holiday Club which is lead by teachers from Rushmore House Montessori preschool. During the school breaks your child can attend the Holiday Club. providing near all year round childcare. Attendance is optional and requires an additional fee.

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