a photo of a medic student visiting the preschool talking to children to tell us about doctors who are people that help us

People that help us – doctors

A medical student, Anis Stainsbury, visited the preschool. She came to help the children understand how doctors help children and their families. Anis talked about the special clothes that doctors wear called “scrubs” and where they work. She showed the children her stethoscope which is used to listen to hearts.

a photo of a medic talking to two preschool children

The children came to the front in pairs and took turns listening to the beat of their hearts using the stethoscope. Then one of the children was asked to do some exercise by jumping up and down. They listened to their hearts again so they could compare the beat of a heart at rest and one after exercise.

two children using a stephoscope to listen to their hearts

Anis showed the children what a heart looked like on a computer animation.

Then Anis read a story about visiting a GP.

a photo of a medic reading a book about visiting a GP in fron od a class of preschool children

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