photo of rocking horses in the front garden of Rushmore House Montessori Preschool


There are two aspects to the physical development of a child:

  1. Hand eye coordination
  2. Coordination and balance of the child’s whole body

All other learning areas contribute to the development of hand and eye coordination. The Physical learning area of our extended Montessori curriculum is focused on developing coordination and balance of the child’s whole body. The activities include:

  • Walking, running, turning and stopping
  • hopping
  • jumping
  • climbing
  • throwing and catching a ball
  • riding a tricycle
  • balancing on decking boards supported on car tyres etc.

How does the garden help in children’s physical development?

The advantage of having a large garden or outside play area allows us to give the children the freedom to develop their physical skills. We have equipment to help them:

  • Mobiles, tricycles
  • Climbing house
  • Movable tyers and decking planks
  • Gardening games for skipping and ball catching
  • Vegetable patch
  • Flower patch

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